Corbyn and Syria

In the Andrew Marr show, Jeremy Corbyn is given a rare platform to speak without suffering too many gratutious interruptions or trolling by the interviewer.

And he appears calm, erudite and authoritative – certainly far removed from the caricature painted daily by most of the mainstream media (and it is far from only the Murdoch press that is guilty of this).

Corbyn is one of the few politicians I have come across who I feel deserves my trust and respect as a leader.

There is credible evidence that David Cameron’s claims – that IS has been losing territory, or that there exist 70,000 moderate anti-Assad fighters – are either weak, misleading or just plain deceitful.

As a current Labour party member, I have already responded to Jeremy Corbyn’s request for members’ views on possible airstrikes in Syria. I will also be contacting my MP to query their intentions in the forthcoming vote. (Here is a great tool which makes this easy).